On the other side of the theatre
The exhibition-documentation about theatrical performances

Studio "On the Wings of Creativity"
02 - 25.05.2022
Big Stage of the ARTiSHOCK Theatre
Curator: Olya Vesselova

The exhibition is a fixation of the accumulated experience of rehabilitation through art. Since 2017 the “On the Wings of Creativity” Studio has been working with patients who have completed a long stage of treatment and are at the stage of maintenance therapy or remission. In the studio the classes on different types of art are held. And their work becomes an inspiring base for theatrical performances.
Within the framework of the exhibition, we focus on one of the essential stages in the creation of a theatrical performance: the formation of the visual language of the performance. Studio students convey their fantasies about the future production, which become the starting point for further work. The created images of the main characters, scenery and mise-en-scenes can be traced in the final performance.
More than 150 works, photo and video documentation of performances and the process of their creation, scenery, costumes - all this is combined in the exhibition " On the other side of the theatre". In the exposition we present works of young authors created for three performances: "The Crystal Well", "Beyond the Music" and "The Brave Vaccine".
The name of the exhibition not only refers us to one of the performances from the studio's repertoire, but also raises the question of theatre as a social phenomenon. About the creation of intangible values as a special human activity that can transform inner world. Theatre of "On the Wings of Creativity" Studio is an informal association of like-minded people to talk about their concerns through the experience of co-creation. Through the exhibition, we would like to give you the opportunity to look "behind" the productions of the studio in the process of their creation.
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