A non-fiction conference to discover the unique ideas that shape the TED's global video library.

The TEDxAstana was held in the capital of Kazakhstan under the TED license 6 times so far.
The TEDxAstana conference is an independent event, held under a special license from the TED Fund, and with task to find and spread unique ideas in Kazakhstan for everyone.
TED (abbreviation for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an American private non-profit fund known for its annual conferences. For many years, TED conferences have become a platform where experts from hundreds of different professions express thoughts and ideas, which are then spread around the world in the form of podcasts, audio and video recordings. The mission of the TED conference is to spread the unique ideas - "ideas worth spreading".
TEDx is a TED project that allows individuals or groups of people in different countries, cities, universities, communities to organize independent conferences in the style of TED. The TEDx format involves oral presentations based on each of which videos (TEDxTalks) are usually created, which are subsequently distributed on the network for further discussions and the formation of an active community. More than 3,000 TEDx conferences are held worldwide every year.
In Kazakhstan, conferences in the TEDx format have been held since 2010, in Astana since 2012. The TEDxAstana conference is annually attended by more than 400 participants, including people of science, medicine, technology, education, business, government officials, artists and proactive citizens and guests from all over Kazakhstan.
Within the framework of the TEDxAstana conference, in addition to the speeches of the speakers, the art exhibitions, workshops, performances by independent theaters and musical groups are also organized.
The current licensee had organized 5 TEDxAstana conferences:
1) TEDxAstanaWomen - October 29, 2016
With the main theme "It’s about time"
The event became a symbolic continuation of the TED Woman Global 2016 forum, which was held in San Francisco that year.
At the conference the speakers reflected on the social roles of men and women, and how many frames, far from ideological, are created by people themselves.
Exhibition of works by the legendary art association "Kyzyl Tractor" curated by Alexandra Tsai.
2) TEDxAstana 2018 - June 10, 2018
With the main theme "Second wind"
The ideas and stories of the speakers about the possibilities, diversity and beauty of change were discussed. Questions were raised about the importance of being consistent and creative, the ability to keep hope and find new meanings and goals, about logical conclusions and rebirths, about the invaluable experience of the past and new horizons. About a phenomenon that is important to remember for everyone who runs their marathon of changes consciously.
Art workshop and exhibition curated by Aigerim Kapar and Vato Tsereteli.
3) TEDxAstana 2019 - September 15, 2019
With the main theme "Under one sun"
Ideas were discussed that would transform conventional wisdom about the impact of progress on the environment and the economy; social and cultural phenomena that affect the way of life and predetermine our future, the possibilities of modern innovations and technologies to solve the most urgent problems of our time.
Performance of the musical group I-fly.
4) TEDXASTANA 2021 - September 4, 2021
With the main theme "SUPERNOVA"
The ideas of the speakers were discussed as great undertakings, which are comparable to the light from distant flashes, space beacons, galactic fireworks, with which new stars and abrupt changes are born.
Art exhibition curated by Olga Vesselova.
Performance by the independent Theatre “Ilkhom”.
5) TEDXASTANA 2022 - December 4, 2022
With the main theme "beywaqit"
Taking into account the events of 2022, which shook the usual ideas about oneself and the world; the topics of the decolonization of consciousness, the language issue, work with memory, politics and society's problems in new historical realities were discussed at the conference.
Art Exhibition curated by Olga Vesselova.
Poetic performance by Anatolyi O and Tatyana Kim.
Performance by creative teams: The Buhars, jelkonsan, Me and my invisible orchestra and Steppe sons.

Additional information is available at https://tedxastana.com
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