Occupy Steppe
Showcase gallery

Organizers: Visit Almaty, Occupy Steppe Gallery
and Art&Creative Solutions Fund

Curators: Sanjar Serikpayev and Olya Vesselova

Address: st. Kabanbai batyr, 83 (Nazarbayev st., 139), Almaty

Visit Almaty, Occupy Steppe Gallery and Art&Creative Solutions presents a project to diversify the urban landscape through contemporary art. In a round-the-clock format, all passers-by in Almaty have the opportunity to see the works of contemporary artists of Kazakhstan and the region. On a monthly basis, under the supervision of gallery owner Sanjar Serikpayev and art curator Olya Vesselova, the display of the showcase gallery will change. Everyone will have the opportunity not only to see works of art, but also to gain information about its author.
Through this project the Visit Almaty would like to bring something new to the cultural leisure of Almaty and provide a chance for foreign and Kazakh tourists to get acquainted with the art of Kazakhstan and the region. The virtual gallery Occupy Steppe in turn within the framework of this cooperation acquires a physical space for the promotion of contemporary art, and the Art & Creative Solutions - a platform for supporting the creative class of Almaty.
Occupy Steppe showcase-gallery is a small exposition space in the historical part of the city, where artworks will be available for viewing 24/7 and provided with convenient information materials in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

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