Organization of the presentation of “Jibek Joly” TV channel
The “Jibek Joly” channel is a part of NJSC " TV and Radio Complex of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan". Jibek Joly began broadcasting in Kazakh and Russian on September 1, 2022. The channel broadcasts domestically as a family entertainment version of SilkWay.
In the fall of 2022, the Art&Creative Solution team (the team) organized a presentation of the rebranding of the “Jibek Joly” channel, during which not only the TV channel itself was presented, but also other assets of the TV and Radio Complex in terms of future collaboration and influence on the media agenda of Kazakhstan abroad.
As part of organizing the presentation the team designed the concept, script, preparation of speakers and all the logistics of the event, the team was also responsible for the design of the event, filming and creating all the necessary animated and video materials.

The format of the event consisted of two parts:
1) an interactive presentation with information about the history of the TV channel and its new strategy with a new name, speeches by speakers with ideas about the importance of telling the world about the world through Kazakhstani optics; and that Kazakhstan should have its own voice in the world.
2) two specially prepared performances: a cinema performance - a screening of the film "Turksib" on an adobe wall that was specially constructed for this performance; musical performance by Steppe Sons.

As part of the presentations of the TV channel, for the first time in Astana, the film "Turksib" was shown, accompanied by music written by the legendary maestro Kuat Shildebaev.
"Steel Way (Turksib)" is a black-and-white documentary film, which is a recognized classic of world documentary filmmaking. "Turksib" is the return of the classics of world documentary filmmaking to their historical homeland, to the territory of modern Kazakhstan.
The film was made in the 1930s by the Vostokkino Trust. This is the time when cinema was recognized as one of the most important ideological tools and during this period of time the Soviet Union gave world cinema the names of Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov. "Turksib" and its author Viktor Turin are on a par with their films, and is included in the top twenty of the best documentaries of the twentieth century.

Kuat Shildebaev wrote 78 minutes of music in five parts. This music is the first soundtrack written for the film by a Kazakh composer - before that, “Turksib” was dubbed by Soviet and British authors.
Through the demonstration of the first documentary film about Kazakhstan, we would like to demonstrate the connection between eras and documentary films. How important is the work of journalists, directors and documentary filmmakers in conveying the spirit of the times. That it is through their work that future generation will study our time.
Showing the film on an adobe wall is another way to emphasize the historical context and viewers into the origins of Kazakh history, when most of our architecture was built from adobe bricks. The metaphor of the wall, which is built from individual bricks, emphasizes the interconnection of generations. This is how the lives of individuals ultimately form a global history.” – Art&Creative Solutions.

Musical performance by Steppe Sons.
In our opinion, the work of Steppe Sons is comparable to the embodiment of the philosophy of the TV channel in the music. The group works in a new musical direction MEJ - modern ethno-jazz, where a mix of Kazakh folk melodies and jazz forms sounds in a modern style. More than 30 Kazakh folk musical instruments are presented in a different sound - modern and authentic at the same time.
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