Activation of the territory of EXPO Astana through art
Summer 2021

- development of the territory brand
- creation of a comfortable urban environment
- increase in attendance traffic for the Nur-Alem sphere
- providing high-quality cultural leisure for Astana residents
Why focusing on art to develop the EXPO area is the best practice:
- the latest Kazakhstani and world trend is Creative Economy. At the last speech to the people of Kazakhstan, K. Tokayev labelled the creative economy as a strategic direction in the development of Kazakhstani business. And art and culture are the basis for the development of creativity.
- modern cities, having lost the status of industrial centers, began to build their main economy on serving the free time of citizens. And the high-qualityest urban leisure is formed on the basis of art and culture.
- formation of the brand of the EXPO territory as a progressive and status leisure and business centre. So, for example, the Dubai Financial District, in addition to purely business and financial events, also hosts the annual ART NIGNTS art festival on its territory, and in 2021 it became the main platform for the ART DUBAI contemporary art fair.


(permanent and temporary art objects)

- a set of installations located around the territory, as if inviting to walk through it and see the art. Through temporary and permanent art objects, the EXPO territory becomes a real "open-air museum". The unique architecture of the complex is filled with new unique exhibits. On a fine summer day, the whole family can take a walk in the fresh air, and also join the beautiful, see something unusual, pulling out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. On the territory you can meet large-scale objects of such eminent Kazakh artists as Moldakul Narymbetov, Said Atabekov, Arystanbek Shalbayev, Murat Dilmanov, Alena Velar, as well as Russian authors: Andrey Lyublinsky and Valery Kazas.

Public art or art in the urban space is the most democratic art, here art speaks directly to the viewer, it breaks into his entourage of his everyday life. That is why most large and successful modern cities have entire public art programs that contribute to the development of these cities. Through art, a unique image of a particular territory, its identity is formed. Through art designed to evoke emotions in the viewer, the citizens create an emotional connection with the place, which makes them return there again.

Interest, comfort and emotions make people come to the same place again and again, which means that it forms a constant flow of visitors.


It is no secret that a person receives maximum satisfaction not only from contemplation, but also from complicity. Participation in some unusual action creates a storm of emotions and new sensations, which the viewer willingly shares with his relatives, friends and in his social networks. It is this "word of mouth" that increases interest in the EXPO territory and its recognition.


for children and teenagers

On the territory of EXPO, as a leisure centre, there is an interesting zone for children and teenagers. This is not just entertainment for children and teenagers, but also a way for them to gain new knowledge; in a fun way they have the opportunity to develop their creative and intellectual abilities. Here you will find lessons on felting, watercolour, origami art, floristry, etc.


An important part of achieving the goal of activating the EXPO territory is to provide quality cultural entertainment. This program will be specially curated in order to acquaint Astana residents with modern Kazakh musicians. At the same time, EXPO is a platform for the self-realization of the creative potential of Kazakhstanis. Through participation in it, we will be able to contribute to the development of the creative economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on which great hopes are placed in our country. As you know, culture is called "new oil" and the program on the EXPO territory can become part of the formation of creative industries in our republic.


In addition to the aforementioned public art, photography is definitely an important part of art. The best Kazakh and international photographers are presented at the entrance to the Nur-Alem pavilion, among them: Bauyrzhan Bismeldin, Zarina Zoman, Mario Heller, Bauyrzhan Sabitov, Sabina Kuangalieva and others.

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