Efes Art Space
From 2022 to present

Almaty, Kazakhstan

“Four Kazakhstani contemporary artists have reimagined Efes Kazakhstan's signature images and created special artworks. Among them: Arystan Shalbayev, Alena Welar, Aruzhan Zhumabek and Janelle Shahan. This project is aimed at shaping the identity of the company's office space and creating a comfortable working atmosphere,” Olya Vesselova, curator.
In the summer of 2022, Efes Kazakhstan announced the creation of Efes Art Space. The new cultural space based on the company's office in the centre of Almaty declares itself as a place of attraction of creative people. We held an open competition to select the first exhibition projects in Efes Art Space, to which many talented Kazakhstanis reacted. From among them, the professional commission selected four exhibition projects that made up the cultural program of Efes Art Space until the end of 2022. The winner of the Efes Art Space Award will be selected on the basis of past exhibitions, taking into account the opinion of the audience.

Efes Art Space Award 2022

Jury members
Zeynep Yerkan, Efes Kazakhstan
Svetlana Chvanova, Efes Kazakhstan
Olya Vesselova, curator
Arystanbek Shalbayev, artist
Anastasia Tarassova, actress
Stas Agipov
Diaz-Ali Kassimov
The “Hvoya” team (Ekaterina Dmitrieva and Alexandra Shamsutdinova
Elena Serezhkina and Renata Mashekenova
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