Behind the door
Social art project to combat domestic violence

23.09 - 09.10.2022

Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The project was initiated by Citix and Binance with the participation of the Art&Creative Solutions Fund.
Olya Vesselova

Bakhyt Bubikanova
Aruzhan Zhumabek
Zoya Falkova
Moldir Sagyndykova
Daria Temirkhan
Qara Studios
Immersive performance "I'm five thousand years old", director Tatyana Kim.
Sensation, perception, thinking, memory, attention, imagination and speech - all these are learning processes. In recent decades, philosophy and psychology have been puzzled by the question of the "Great Illusion of Consciousness". We are accustomed to live in the belief that we notice and perceive much more than we really are. This conviction is that great illusion of consciousness. The world may not be the way we are used to seeing it. We invite you to look “behind” and be sensitive to the other, notice what seems hidden to you.

In the new art project “Behind the Door” we would like to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence in Kazakhstan. By telling real stories of victims of domestic violence through art. We call upon our audience to be caring. We would like you to open your mind to difficult stories where one person allows himself to abuse another.

The fabric of the exhibition weaves together five suffocating stories that should not have happened, five video portraits of heroines who were so brave to share their traumatic experiences with us, and five art objects based on these tragedies.

The sensual experience of empathy through a dialogue with art is the "Behind the Door" project. We dream that Kazakhstan society will soon develop zero tolerance for any manifestation of violence on the part of members of the same family or partners. And the "cycle of violence" will break.

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