Public cultural space

Almaty, 2015

ARTPOINT is an open public space of a new type for Kazakhstan. Often, the idea of ​​public space in our time comes down only to the fact that this is a public space. He is assigned a recreational function. Meanwhile, public space is the space of a social contract, where each member of the society has the right to freedom of creative expression. This is exactly what I understand about the natural space we are striving for in our project. The main super-value of the project is the formation in the public mind of the request for the transformation and involvement of citizens in the life of society.
In fact, a natural cultural space ARTPOINT is an easily moving cultural centre, which, if necessary, moves around the city, around the country. After all, public space is not a material concept, but a mental one.
Organized in partnership with NGO Eurasian Cultural Alliance and British Council Kazakhstan.

More than 70 events were held at the ARTPOINT during the period from 04.07 to 26.09.2015, which were attended by about 45 thousand people. The ARTPOINT became the cultural project of the year according to the version of the Internet magazine
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