The art of fullness
November 27, 2021 - January 16, 2022

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Glyph Creative Solutions Agency, together with art consultant and curator Olya Vesselova (Art&Creative Solutins) had presented the Art of fullness project - an exhibition of contemporary art that featured an exposition of the Soviet artist Sergey Kalmykov and the work of young Kazakhstani artists and designers such as Aruzhan Zhumabek , Assel Nusipkozhanova and Suinbike. The leading abr restaurants Afisha and RAW, the Cafeteria coffee house and Americano Bar were chosen as an exhibition site for the city project. The general partner of the project was the international development company Nef, which has implemented more than 40 projects in the premium real estate market.
Urban culture in our time is closely connected with its gastronomic component, and eating becomes an integral daily ritual for each of us. The culture of food is building in such a way that it becomes important for us not only what we eat, but also in what place. The special atmosphere of restaurants shapes our quality of consumption. In this project, we took a broader view of the feeling of fullness, which is formed not only from the satisfaction of vital needs. We provide project visitors with the opportunity to enjoy food filled with meanings, ideas and symbols. Selected artwork revealed the concept and enhances the atmosphere of each restaurant. They make you treat the fullness ritual not only from the point of view of the material element, but also to satisfy the need of your “subtle body”.
Afisha Restaurant
The 130th anniversary of the famous Kazakh artist Sergey Kalmykov was celebrated in 2021. The author has became part of the art of Almaty and played a big role in the development of city life. His walk path along Kabanbay Batyr Street (formerly Kalinin Street) to the Opera and Ballet Theatre under name of Abay, where Kalmykov worked for many years in unusual costumes of his own making, this has become a city landmark. And now, in the Afisha restaurant, which has already become a popular location of Almaty and located along the path of the master, the spirit of the artist appears.
Kalmykov's works are permeated with phantasmagoria: familiar objects and plots are endowed with a special meaning and context. The artist called himself "Genius of the 1st rank of the Earth and the Galaxy” and gave a special place to man in the Universe. In one of his manuscripts, the author describes himself as follows: “Sergey Kalmykov! Artist-philosopher, artist-inventor, science fiction writer, author of numerous folios, diaries, biography, unsent letters, dedications, aphorisms, sarcasm and lyrics!” Indeed, Kalmykov's universe is not limited to visual art; the author also left an extensive literary legacy and diaries.
For the design of the restaurant graphics from a private collection of works by Sergei Kalmykov were used, and the decorations of the facades and interior were created under the influence of the work of the Soviet artist. The famous painting by Sergei Kalmykov "Ballet Rehearsal Hall, 1941" was used as the main source of inspiration for the creation of the décor.
RAW Restaurant
Food is needed to maintain our physicality and directly affects the state of the body. Young Kazakh artist Aruzhan Zhumabek explores the human body. Dissecting our body in her works, Aruzhan checks the connection between the body and feeling: where is the line between the organ of perception and sensation, what exactly gives rise to our understanding and influences it. The combination of monochrome graphics with red lines of paint creates a special tension in the author's works, which makes our senses soak. Japanese culture, attention to detail and a minimalist aesthetic are in tune with Aruzhan's artistic language. Restaurant "RAW" repeats the concept of a traditional izakaya bar in a seasoned Japanese manner. External restraint only emphasizes internal tension and depth. Such images that represent Japanese culture can be traced in the artistic manner of Aruzhan.
The design of physical things implies not only form and function, but also an idea of the future of its owner. Designer Assel Nusipkozhanova has established herself as the author of things with a Kazakh soul. She studies traditional Kazakh techniques and symbols, which she later uses in things of modern use. In the presented series of paintings and drawings, the author visualizes the appearance of women who wear her clothes. Through her works Assel speaks to us about the relationship between a woman and a woman. Here you can meet images of mother and daughter, sisters and girlfriends. Light, bright, warm, framed with traditional ornament. Assel's characters create such sensations and we want to be filled with such sensations again and again. The spirit of lightness and ease is maintained by the atmosphere of the Cafeteria with the smell of croissants and fresh coffee.
Americano Bar
The mysterious and the forbidden both attract and frighten us. Between the past and the future, we try to predict the future based on experience from the past. Points in history are starting nodes leading to certain consequences. However, we live here and now.
Conceptual artist Suinbike, through her spatial installation, immerses us in the context of utopian theories and the possible end of the world. The American slang expression "When the Shit Hits the Fan", meaning bad consequences when the deceit is revealed, has become the name for an entire movement to prepare for the collapse of mankind. Nonetheless the artist didn't want us to just wait for the horrific end. She encourages us to think and make actions here and now. The atmospheric speak-easy "Americano Bar" is the best place to drink a bitter drink and think about yourself in the present.
Olya Vesselova, curator and art consultant
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